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We are one of Australia's youngest group of renewable energy experts. Our core team includes highly experienced engineers, sustainability experts, management professionals and analysts.


Bharat Poudel (PhD)

He is an experienced engineer and management professional with proven skills in renewable energy and climate change issues. Holding a degree in electrical engineering, in addition to a master’s degree in Sustainable Energy and Environment Management and a recent PhD degree from the Charles Sturt University, NSW, he offers over 17 years’ experience in renewable energy technologies, electrification through mini/micro-grids, sustainability and community engagements. His expertise has been sought from a range of public sector, international development partners, private companies and community-based organisations leading a variety of energy projects to completion.


Dr. Simon Wright

He has worked in the sustainability field for more than 16 years both as a practitioner and academic. Simon brings a wealth of experience working collaboratively with industry and government clients in the fields of renewable energy, circular economy, waste, strategy and environmental innovation. Simon holds a PhD in energy transitions from the Institute for Sustainable Futures at UTS, adjunct academic positions at Charles Sturt University and a visiting fellowship at the University of Nottingham (UK).


Dr. Samir Thapa

He has over 15 years of experience in the management and research of climate change mitigation and adaptation projects. This primarily includes renewable energy promotion, with a focus on improving energy access and energy mix, and synergies between mitigation and adaptation outcomes of energy use. He has expertise in consumer behavior, detailed feasibility, climate finance, carbon markets, productive use of energy, and energy enterprises. His research and work interest is analyzing the preferences for energy and environmental services and their integration into energy systems modeling from an efficiency and equity perspective, including the analysis of policy frameworks for scaling up finance for mitigation and adaptation.


Prakash Aryal

He has worked for over 10 years in the field of waste to energy, wind-solar hybrid, and large commercial biogas project design and implementation for commercial clients. He is a degree qualified mechanical engineer with a post-graduate degree in renewable energy engineering. Having skilled in conducting techno-economic analysis of renewable hydrogen production and use in decarbonising residential, transport, energy, and industrial sector, he can offer his technical expertise in designing catalytic conversion of waste biomass to hydrogen via gasification, renewable hydrogen via electrolysis, and Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) option.


Siddhartha Shrestha

For more than seven years, he has used modelling and simulation approaches to increase process efficiency, lower energy consumption, and minimise greenhouse gases in biomass gasification and combustion, mineral processing, petroleum, and other chemical engineering unit operations. He holds a PhD from Monash University and has a wealth of scientific programming and data science skills. He can use computer languages like Python and R, as well as business intelligence tools like Power BI and Tableau, to execute and build business analytics, advanced data analytics and visualisation, machine learning models, dashboards, and reports.